4 Holiday Vacation Destinations

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Christmas is nearing. Snow is starting to powder the streets, lights are brightening store fronts, and Starbucks are selling gingerbread lattes by the dozen. There’s nothing quite like a Christmas where the only colours we see other than white, is the rose in our cheeks and the burgundy of our malt wine. Or is there? What about a sandy brown and ocean blue Christmas? Mmmmm, that sounds pretty nice too.

Here are 4 ideal holiday vacations.

1. Villars, Switzerland

For those of you who want to enjoy the snow this season Villars is a lovely place to go. Located outside of Geneva, Villars is frequented by a collection of classy Swiss as well as French, Greeks, Germans and more. Unlike some of the mountain villages around Switzerland, France, and Austria, Villars maintains its small, quaint ambiance. The hills never get too crowded, the restaurants never impossible to get in, and the shops easy to navigate. There are many fun bars to spend your New Years Eve, as well as an ice rink, bowling alley and other amenities.

2. Puerta Vallarta, Mexico

If a tan is what you look for on your holidays, then Puerta Vallarta could be the place for you. This lovely Mexican city offers the perfect balance between touristy offerings, and authentic Mexican life. Residents have the option of living right on the water where they can enjoy the beach, or up on the hills, where they can enjoy the views. The city is filled with expats and artists, most of whom have hidden studios that are usually open to the public. Complete with an exciting nightlife, fabulous restaurants, and perfect sunsets everyday, it doesn’t get much better than Puerto Vallarta.

3. Courchevel, France

For serious skiers Courchevel is a wonderful place to go. The combined ski area of Courchevel valley is 1,304 acres of mountain, where skiiers have 600 kilometres of downhill pistes to choose from. There really isn’t anything better than standing at the top of a beautiful mountain, on a nice sunny day, and looking out at endless white powder. At night there is a wide selection of restaurants and bars to go and enjoy a drink or a hot meal. The best spots are those underground cave-like restaurants where you really feel like you’re in the mountain’s best-kept secret. Visit Le Piggy’s to understand what I mean.

4. Seychelles

The Seychelles is an island country spanning 115 islands of the Indian Ocean. With turquoise waters and white sand beaches there are few places in the world that feel more like Paradise than this. Tourists can enjoy the piquant flavours of the Orient and fresh fish. They can dance to the beat of Calypso drums, fish, tan, sleep, and swim. Visitors of the Seychelles come back feeling relaxed, renourished, and ready for the new year.

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