Road Trips And Good Food – A Matched Pair

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After giving it a chance, most people find they like the experience of a nice road trip. Whether it’s just an afternoon, a whole day, or multiple days in a row, a road trip can be just the diversion you need to get you away from the stress of regular life. While on a road trip you have many different options as far as meal and meal preparation go, don’t overlook the opportunity to make your food one of the highlights of your road trip.

Your first option for eating while road tripping is bringing your own food along. Whether you brown-bag-it or ice-chest-it doesn’t matter, the thing that will make this road trip most memorable is where the food gets eaten. Eating in the car as you drive can be fun, when you couple good food with good conversation, everyone has a great time. The downside of eating in the car is that it limits you to foods that aren’t too messy or need to be convenient to hold. Another option is to stop and have a picnic. If you’re out to see the sights anyway, why not just stop at a favorite state park, historical site, or almost any interesting place you find and spread the blanket out and eat comfortably. This allows you to spend a little more quality time at this one spot and who knows, you might find out something you don’t know about it too. Stopping for a picnic lunch also breaks up the drive a bit, which is very handy if you have children along.

Your second option for eating while road tripping, is to eat out. Eating out can be a great experience, and it too can break up the long drive and provide some comfort for you and your fellow travelers. If you want to make eating out a highlight of your road trip then stay away from the national chain restaurants and fast food franchises. Why devote a day or a weekend to getting away from it all and then choose to eat at the same places you can eat at when you’re at home? So whether it’s sub sandwiches, hamburgers and fries, or deep fried fish you’re wanting – choose a locally owned eatery. There are many reasons to try locally owned restaurants and places to eat. You may be forced to try something you never would have on your own, and find out that you love it. The food is usually of superior quality at smaller restaurants when compared to national chains that flavor their food to please the masses. Many times, you will find that the owner or owners of the restaurant are the ones doing the cooking and the food tastes much better because they know their business is on the line.

Eating should not only be a necessary part of your next road trip, it should be a highlight. Whether you’re using the opportunity to picnic near a waterfall, or enjoy homemade spare ribs at a diner that only seats twelve people, accenting your road trip with memorable meals can lead to a more enjoyable trip.

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