The Advantages of Travelling With a Bus Over Taking the Flight

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Bus travel could be perfect for your trip if you want to save some money. It may take longer time to get to the place you are going to, but it is definitely cheaper than travelling alone with your car or taking the flight. Some people may find the plane for the most convenient transport because it is the fastest transport. But many people are afraid to take the plane. Although it is supposed to be one of the safest transports on earth. It is true that 50 percent of the people are afraid to travel with plane. Maybe the reason for that are the horror movies or the real horror accidents that have happened. Maybe it is something else – a man is supposed to walk on solid ground and when he/she is up in the air, he or she feels less secure. This is a problem that many find funny but the panic attacks could be definitely terrifying. If you want to travel with a plane, you should book a ticket long before the travel because the price of the ticket is increasing any minute and you should buy it a month before the travel or you should buy it in the last minute to make it cheaper. But you see that this could be very dangerous especially if you buy it long before the travel. And if something happens to you, you got sick or something else, your money is gone and you will search at the last minute for other solution.

The things are not the same with the bus travel. If you choose the bus travel for your excursion it may take you a few more hours than travelling with a plane, but you will be calm and you will probably see more things rather than if you decide to travel with a plane. Also the bus has many other advantages over the plane as a transport. The bus can stop everywhere if you ask the bus driver and tell him/her that something is wrong and you need a few minutes break. It is understandable especially if you are pregnant or travelling with children. Children can be unruly and it is very difficult to make a child sit on a seat for hours without moving or doing something else. Also it is difficult for children to travel with any kind of transport. So if your child feels sick, you can ask the driver to stop for a minute rest and take some deep breaths. This is the perfect transport to travel with your group of nice friends. You can even take a charter bus and this could be a great thing because all the new buses are highly equipped with DVD, television, air conditioner, WC and different travel bus companies offer different services. Just have your seat, relax and let someone else do the driving. Bring with you some playing cards, music or an interesting movie (a comedy is probably the best choice here, but you know your friends better than us), and enjoy your ride.

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